In 2004, I created my first business, Trump Card Productions, without any prior knowledge of business. I guess you could say I was winging it. I aquired the equipment and had such a drive and desire to be able to run my own record label to handle my career as an artist and producer. This came at the heels of denying an offer from an already established but little-known record label in North Carolina. At the time, I was young and eager, but impatient, as many young people can be. I felt like anything anyone else could do, I could do as well. So I went to the local courthouse and obtained a small business license, and it was official. Little did I know that it would require much more than I was equipped to handle, Putting the cart before the horse, so to speak. But the desire to get started overrode any hesitancy I felt. I began recording, producing, and headlining events in locale nightclubs in the SW VA region. It felt good to see people getting enjoyment out of things that I put together all by myself! So I showed myself that it was not only possible, but profitable as well.

However, sometimes life has different plans, and this was the case for me. I had children, so it was time to put my childhood dreams away and get to work.  I took on many different jobs, and through it all, I realized that no matter what I'm doing or who I'm working for, someone else owns the business. Again, it occured to me that I could found my own whatever I wanted, I'd done it before, I could do it again. Still, finances are finances, and it takes finance to run any business. I entered the tree industry, and while I loved the work, I still had to deal with other workers and supervises, and that led to me not having the jobs due to varying circumstances, such as the ones listed on the homepage. So I'm currently in the process of founding a tree trimming services. I say all this to say, you can literallly do anything you have a mind to, and I'm living proof that you can do this successfully, with the right tools and help.

"The Only Cause that matters is a Just Cause" - CJ Adams