Humanity is a Just Cause. This should be the case for all members.

In my lifetime, I've experienced my share of the unfairness, cruelty, and discriminations that we as humans deal with. Most of them have occurred in the workplace. These experiences sparked the idea for Just Causes, a movement to eradicate the harshness of dealing with those that cause such disruptions to our pursuit of those standards that this great country was birthed upon and stand on to this day. 

Just Causes will strive to not only help those that need a way out of the rat race by providing assistance in establishing business and presence, but we will also aid in the creation, formation, and other details that go into starting a business, as well as some of the legal aspects. For me, the pursuit of happiness is one of the leading Just Causes! There are plenty of noble causes,  restoring faith in humanity just happens to be one of mine!

If you have an idea but aren't sure what the next step is, contact me and we can discuss the necessary steps to realizing your goals together!